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I decided to let the worst Nazi of all get up on stage, and gave him the mike and let him say what he wanted to say. I posted something on Facebook after the Charlottesville thing that some people liked and some people didn't: They hit me and I hit them with a microphone stand, and it turned into a barroom brawl, like in a Western. They'd come at you in different ways, with baseball bats, and they had clubs, and they had a Chevy Suburban they'd use like a tank. These guys are all wearing green jackets and big boots and baldhead haircuts. We had trouble with Nazis from fairly early on, sadly. It wasn't going down very well

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On the other hand, there are general principles that stand up:

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The skinheads would line up at the back bar and lock arms and run towards the front of the stage, and if you just happened to get in their way, you'd get knocked down, you'd get kicked, you'd get trampled. It was a mix of testosterone, Reagan, ignorance, anger, and youth. That's something that isn't really so much of an issue, thankfully, in Europe. It was prior to the alt-right thing. They all jumped into it and drove away. Our tour manager grabbed a drum stand and walloped him on the back of the head. There have been gigs where Nazis have turned up and we've said, "We're not playing until these fuckers are out of here.

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